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16 February 2006


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ooo, great post. i could relate to your bits on just the energy it takes to post is what's there, about being exhausted in public, that wanting to avoid rejection/competition.

i keep looking around and wondering if i'm wasting my time, not making the most of my life. i drove past a cemetary today and thought about this, how short life is and how i want to make the most of mine. what's holding me back?


She's right, you know, you are a good poet.

And, that is the magic you bring into our lives.

Touching the magic is very important work!

Keep it up!


You're not confuse you made perfect sense.
Because I go through that everyday with my poems. It's hard especially when you feel alone with your work.

Sometime I too doubt if I'm a poet. I look at my stats for my blog and wonder why I even bother with that.But I just keep on writing. Now and then, I do amazed somebody with my poems.


I feel the same way about sending stuff out, and share your belief that blogging more than compensates. A much more ambitious poet friend of mine, who reads my blog, told me the other week that he thought i reached far more people than he does with all his poems in the big literary magazines (Mid-American Review, Georgia Review, etc.). It may be true. And of course your readership is significantly larger than mine. But more to the point: we're reaching people who would never read the literary magazines, and who may not even consider themselves poets or writers - i.e., "real people."

You're right, Haines does have a reputation for dourness! But I do love his work, so praise from him is definitely nothing to sniff at.

Somehow, none of the mediocre poets ever seem to wrestle with doubts about the value of their work...


Can you read my poems and give me judgment.
I'm tyring to write a book..Maybe it's a bad idea..tell me what you think..My page is--peasantpantry.blogspot.com........THANKS


Thank you, my friends, for your encouragement. And Cathy, you know I read your poems. I read them because they move me, almost always.

I think John Haines is a great poet. My fantasy is that he writes something down, then spends several years taking out unneccessary words, until only the essential remains. I want to write like that.

Of course, I don't know that he's ever had a review quite as good as the one you gave me, Dave. Heh.

& john @ peasantpantry, I will visit your blog, but am responding here first to say: I'm sorry, but I don't do this. And I don't think anyone can tell you that writing "is a bad idea" -- you do what you must. You do what you can. What speaks to me may not speak to others; what speaks to others may not speak to me.

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