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10 February 2006


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I tagged you--but only do it if you feel inspired. The questions are traveling the aw ropes. :)


What a cool idea. My husband is of Scottish ancestry and his clan (Colquhoun) has 2 tartans, an old-fashioned on and a more 'modern' one.



I'm honored that you thought of your humble servant.

Just returned from playing the services for a vibrant 91 year old grand lady. It is something to contribute to the life of one's own community.


How could I see this and not think of you?

Yes, it is good to be of use. This is something I am struggling with at the moment.

Just now, I've listened to Prairie Home Companion, and now to Celtic folk music on KUFM, and am feeling quite nostalgic.

For those times I've been of use.


My father in law (who is a bit of a jerk and a snob) once made a big fuss over a scarf I have, asking whether I was "entitled" to wear a clan tartan.

I reminded him that I am in fact not Scottish but Irish (in part), and that in Ireland one is entitled to tartans not by clan but by rank: one-colour plaids for the lowest rank; two-colour tartans a bit better than that, all the way up to five-colour tartans.

And poets are entitled to five-colour tartans.

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