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06 March 2006


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Christopher Frazier

"Now I shall have to pay even more attention to what I see. A good practice at all times."

You just described the exact reason why I joined up on it. I love that when we went to Chili's I was looking at the lighting on my daughters face rather than the menu. There's something right about that.


Good exercise and nice results.


Beautiful pictures.


Thanks. Let's see if my ideas last a whole month.

Niki Robinson

There is something so haunting about the bird feathers picture - we know something probably happened to the bird - yet the snow is clean and white around the feather remains. But since you say "birdfeeder" perhaps they are just shed feathers and I am misreading it.


Good eye, Niki.

I was doing my usual morning critter feeding, cup of feed in one hand, when I noticed the feathers and, without thinking, moved them out of the way, placing them on the car. Dumped the feed, looked at the car, and realized I had a photo.

It might well have been a better one had I thought quicker -- but this is the one I got. Which, I suppose, adds that note of mystery ...

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