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16 March 2006


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Don't you love the graphic.... Probably something from AARP that they did with an airbrush :)

I hope looks are not important to becoming a poet...
One becomes a poet when they continue to write poems
--- Does a poet have to be believed?

Shaula Evans
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erm, except that my hair could never do that in a million years (wish it would!) and I dress in a distinctly less hip and psychadelic style.

I also think my posture might be too good to qualify me as a film writer.

You were right: the aesthetic aspects of a writer's life are hard!


I write poems alone in the dark (ok, there's a lamp), with music playing, wearing my pink fuzzy slippers. :)


--- Does a poet have to be believed?

Good point.

Not the poet, but the poem has to be believed.

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