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27 April 2006


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At various times in the last several years I have spent a month writing daily poems, and I always find the process useful. I don't always like what I write, but there is, as you say, something liberating about releasing oneself from the expectation of quality -- which can paradoxically result in really high-quality work sometimes. :-) Also, when one is writing that many poems, one needn't get hung up on any particular one.

I've enjoyed reading your NaPoWriMo poems.


Thank you, Rachel. It's a risk to post them, so it's nice to hear that they offer some enjoyment. And I have learned that I can expect a bit more from myself than I have been. A good thing, I think.


I know what you mean Sharon. I have a couple poems I'm not too sure about.(I haven't posted them yet) But when it's heading for the 11th hour and you still don't have a poem. Things do get interesting.


I think your dogs are very beautiful. :)


Cathy, we are coming to the last hour, aren't we?

And michelle, I'll tell them you said so. Henry, of course, already knows he's the most attractive creature in the universe; but Lucy can always benefit from a little reassurance.

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