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16 May 2006


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Hello,I am the person who recommend your peculiar blog to Chinese people.The first time I look through your blog ,I was so attracked by it.I like your special style and the way you observe life though I do not really understand the thorough meaning of all your poem.I hope you can stick on and I believe that you can attrack more and more readers.
I am only a university student and I know little about the meaning of life,but from your blog I learn that one can live his life in such a romantic way,and I really like it.
May you be happy!

Mary Scriver

Dear SB, you have the most charming comments I've read yet and the only Chinese one I've run across! I try to live my life in such a romantic way as well. As for the meaning of life, both peculiar and particular apply.

Prairie Mary


Ah, my readers are the best!

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