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14 May 2006


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I like the banner , just don't care for the color. What about a very pale blue?


These would just be my suggestions as a graphic designer, I hope I don't come off as being critical.

The "TE" (waTErmark) and the word "notebook" are difficult to read in the dark text on the dark ground. Also, the solid black background on the shell leaves it a little right heavy. You could try lightening the second photo slightly and using another photos as the background of the shell (or perhaps zoom in on the shell and lower the contrast, then use that as the background for the current sized shell). Another option to solve the text visibility problem might be to use the blue version but keep the text black (or rather the dark brown it is currently).


These are great suggestions, dolphin -- thanks! I appreciate critiques, actually -- I'm old enough to listen, learn, and make my own decision.

I think I learned from you.


Yes that's much better. If you can (Yes you can strangle me)change the lettering to black or a very dark blue. I did on my computer and it looks great. If you just have the backgound. You can send to me and I'll do tomorrow for you.


Ah that's perfect!

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