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06 May 2006


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Sadly, because they're dogs & that's what they do. Which is one of a long list of reasons why, for me, they will continue to be unacceptable as a species.

Now, cats...


because it looks similar to the crap we usually feed them?


This is to funny!
Its been a while since I've had a dog, I had forgotten about that habit of theirs.


I've been told that it's because cat, um, turds, are full of vitamins. I have no idea if that's true or not...

It's a disgusting behavior but my dogs do it, too.

Wandering Willow

I think its in their genes, guiding them in their mission as scavengers to clean the world of old gross stuff lying around. Wild dogs do that, so I guess the domestic ones still feel the urges.

We call our cat's litter box The Snack Bar. We try to stay ahead of the dog's cravings, but don't always manage to. urgh.

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