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26 May 2006


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I love this post! The first three are really tough for me.


Thank you for writing such a wonderful post. Being a grad student in science, all I ever write is a lab notebook. So, I blog. Blogging helps me discover the creative aspects of writing, which is something I miss very much in my daily life.

ann michael

Those are some amazing shots of a possum! (Eatstuff's Weekend Cat Blogging).

I came over to check out your blogging post - what a great perspective. Blogging as art. I won't forget that.


You hit it - I am so greatful for laptops :)

Emma's Kat

So true...so true! I get up, turn the computer on, run downstairs to get my coffee, back upstairs, feed the foster kittens and upload and post my pic of the day! Great site, btw!


I feel validated by your post. Sometimes one can get lost in blogging and question what it is as sometimes it helps us question life. The option of a blog and my cats have turned my creativity light on. Thanks for highlighting the process and making it seem real!

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