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11 May 2006


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Wow. What a great meditation on poetry writing. And you're so right that it must be true.


I think you've captured the experience of many of us in the craft, SB. I've also been known to say that I write poems in order to find out what I really think. I even identified with your last sentences about energy levels, and being "an erratic friend, and a poor correspondent." Yep, that's how it is. Thanks.


You said a lot of inspiration things here, but I will walk away most remembering your use of (dis-covering).


I love everything. about. this. post.

You have a great writing process, and you articulate that process so well. I love the observations the writing poetry requires a willing to be boring. I love the identification of being afraid when writing, of it hurting and being beautiful ~ all at the same time.


Ah, so that is how it is.

I, too, enjoy "words, the shape and feel of them in my mouth," and the sound of them as they click and swish and fill the air like a strong wind.

Paris Parfait

Such a lovely post and tribute to the effort required to write poetry. I agree, it can almost be like prayer.

John B.

Simple as that, eh?

I've read this a couple of times already, it's so eloquent and, as others have noted, True. I've linked to this post on my own blog as well, so expect hordes of visitors seeking inspiration.

Maybe you know this Frost quote on the source of poetry: "How many things have to happen to you before something occurs to you?" His take is a bit harder-edged than yours (it IS Frost, after all), but it seems to me you're saying about the same thing.



Andrew Simone

Enter the John B.'s hordes: Stage left.

I appreciate the thoughts and find much truth in them. Not being a poet (or rather a bad one), when I need to write (prose) I often find myself outside with one ear to the ground: I need to know where the horses are coming from before I can mount my counter attack. Perhaps this is simply the difference between a good self-assured poet and a bad self-deprecating essayist.

Tangentially, your comment on "dis-covering" reminds me of the greek word for truth, alethia: In Classical Greek, Lethe literally means "forgetfulness" or "concealment". The Greek word for "truth" is a-lethe-ia, meaning "un-forgetfulness" or "un-concealment".


Thank you all for your comments. I think I may try something like this (a photo essay?) again. It's more demanding than a poem, probably just because I'm unpracticed at it.


I love your idea of "true fiction." I think that's a wonderful way to describe the process. Thanks for re-sharing this.


Awesome! Written with warmth and candor. The photos are a plus!

Fledgling Poet

Wow, this was so beautifully put...as I read each line, I kept nodding my head in complete agreement! I can relate to everything you said. :~) And I loved the photos to go along with it!

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