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18 May 2006


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AWSOME! I'm very new at this and you have captured why I try. Love the pics too:) I have to know what kind of tulip that is?

Dona Bogart

"Sometimes dangerous poems are hidden in drawers, but still -- they have been written."

You certainly hit a chord with that line. They have been written.


This is wonderful.
I am sure God speaks in flowers.
"Fearsome Poet"I never thought of it that way before.


If we could reach our hand into the river and lift out the sequined fish, what then?

Great line. This is an interesting piece for me because it gets at the same kinds of questions Ted Kooser asks about why more people don't read or write poetry and what kind of effects there would be on the world if more people did read and write poetry.

I love the questions you ask.


Awesome t-shirt for an awesome poet. Yay!

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