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29 June 2006


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Sour Duck

I see that CAPTCHA is winning - can I make a case against it?

CAPTCHA is not accessible to those with vision impairments. Flooded Lizard Kingdom has addressed this issue at her blog, I (respectfully) point you to her well-crafted blog post concerning this issue. She also has some other posts on accessibility.

"[I've no idea why all this whitespace is in here]"

:D I get that too, whenever I try and insert polls into my blog.


Excellent point -- I've had difficulty with some of these myself.

I have seen some that offer an alternate way to get in for the vision impaired. I'll put in a help ticket to TypePad to see if they do this.


Response from TypePad support:

While there is not an alternative to the CAPTCHA at the moment, we are working on a more accessible option for users.

At least this is promising...

Sour Duck

Thanks for posting their reply.


Thanks for mentioning my post, Sour Duck. Sometimes making things better in society requires systems change as well as individual action, so my hat is off to SB for helping make the TypePad folks more aware of the demand for an accessible alternative to CAPTCHAs!

Donald Duck

Sour Duck?? Joke about the duck in the store. This sure is no sour duck. LOL CU

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