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14 June 2006


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ah, wonderful.


very nice. :)


You can't bear the burden alone.
We all share it, but don't all feel it as you do.Take heart.


(my part)

Then again

I am a jar
that’s sitting outside

Maybe the rains
will come and the rainwater
will fill and overflow
this jar,

till all is wash away

Renewing me back
to the pureness of hope.


I've never done a poem dance before, so I don't know if this is right, but here goes:


I am milky, warm
and moist. I am the thing
you see in the mirror
that vanishes
when you look at it
dead on.
I am not your child,
or your mother,
or you for that matter.
I am the thing
that rescues,
that pushes you
to the edge
then pulls you back.
I am what you want
at night, what you won’t
talk about the next morning.
I am your all-access pass,
your movie marathon,
the thing you and your friends
giggle about when you think
I’m not within earshot.
I am tougher than nails.
I am in control.
I’m onto you.
I’m not what you think I am.

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