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03 July 2006


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Heavens to Murgatroid!

There sure are a whole pride of pussy cats in this room!

Laurence Simon

As always, well done.

And you might want to take a break before the next one... make sure the connection's working on the weekends for a few weeks. ;)

K T Cat

Thanks for doing the carnival! It sounds like it was a total pain. You did a great job.


This time, it was a pain. Usually, though, it's fun. I really like doing it, and I'm glad Laurence takes on the more difficult organizing tasks for this brainchild of his.

Which just keeps growing and growing and growing...


Great roundup. Thanks for your hard work and getting me in at the last moment. lgp

Laura Lee Donoho

Happy Independence Day! What a wonderful celebration of the Carnival of the Cats. Great job!


Great post. Have a good 4th.


You came through with flying colors.



Absolutely love the graphics! What a long list of kitties today! ;)


very pretty graphics! Hope you had a great holiday!

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