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02 July 2006


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Not exactly, I did one a while back and was running late but not terribly and posted it what I got done, a chunk at a time, and evenually got it all done. I was concerned people might go into kittycat withdrawal not having their carnivals.

But yours are worth waiting for so happy to wait.

Sour Duck

Not to worry, you publish when you publish...

Besides, two apology posts/updates is pretty good. (Cute picture, btw.)


Of course it's nothing to worry about! It'll be done when it's done, and we can all get our weekly feline fix.

Laurence Simon

Take your time. Relax. No pressure.

If anyone hassles you, let me know.


I don't think Cats are the appointment-keeping kind :)

Victor Tabbycat

Cats keep their own schedules. An anyway, this is hobby, not werk. Puters are efun more unpredictable than cats.


What a great pic of Boo!

As others have noted, this is supposed to be fun. (OK, so I'm might not believe that when I'm stressing over last-minute link problems next Sunday, but I believe it now.) I look forward to visiting the Carnival whenever it's up.


Please don't hate me; I am male; I love dogs.



Owen, What does your gender have to do with loving dogs vs cats?

I'm male and I love cats AND dogs, but there are males who definately prefer cats, and females who definately prefer dogs and visa-versa.

I don't think pet choice is determined by gender.


Thank you all for your patience -- I am so glad to have this posted at last!

Girls & boys; cats & dogs; hmmm....

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