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13 July 2006


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I love this: the opening joke/narrative (and the shedding of clothes is a nice, possibly predictive touch) that slides effortlessly into a love poem. Can it get any better?


Ohhh... just coming off of a drug that put me in temporary menopause, I really appreciate this poem...it made me giggle.


Well, it made me smile. In fact, I still am!


Another smilee(?) here. Although I'm a bit converned about that man in number 42 across the street. He's got a telephoto lens... :-)

Curt Stump

I thought I'd post a humorous poem of mine since you asked what we could come up with. But I couldn't find one in my own set of poems either! I mean there are some humorous lines and stanzas in a few of my poems, but where are the whole poems that are unmistakably funny from top to bottom that have people rolling on the floor? I'm going to keep looking through my stacks.

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