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27 July 2006


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Lovely!! Very sensuous.


Ha - I'm assuming you didn't find the parentheticals, though? Or did you? 'Cause if you didn't add those in, then that's one crazy recipe. Cool found poem.


There were two articles; one was recipes, and the other was a general article about mangos. I cut and pasted from both pieces, interweaving them.

In general, as best I can remember, the parens were from the article about mangos, and the rest is from the recipes.


Almost impossible even to think of a mango without sex coming into it.


Mouth-watering, literally.


Nice! The only thing I love more than mango is a good mango poem!


That's the most enjoyable found poem I've ever read. Like how you seasoned it with asides.

liz elayne

oh now this is deliciously delightful!
love it!
(now i want a mango. yep. i do.)

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