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06 July 2006


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Interesting thoughts sb. The whole public / private fudging that is inherent in semi-anonymous blogging doesn't always sit easy with me either - as both writer and reader there are times when I crave a solid connection, but I know that I would regret giving up the freedom that not-naming people and places allows.

I don't feel your lack of grand adventures or dramatic twists and turns detracts - I can get those things from any hollywood movie or thriller novel. I read these collections of thought and creativity, yours especially, because the detail and the real human experiences are a more nourishing alternative the other distractions available to me. I know my own small thrill at the tiny adventures my dog shares with me, at the ever appearing flowers I am just beginning to learn to name, at the swarming of butterflies in the rubarb patch ... and so I smile when I read of your smiles at those things.

And I do care that you are up in the night. Because there are others who are up in the night as well, and if this medium isn't as much about reading, and seeing connections, as about writing, and creating opportunities for them ... I'm not sure what it would be for.

My life is 'interesting' at the moment. There are struggles and the victories are small, though sweet. There are days when I am unable to find words to understand what it is that I need. Well, there were, until I read your final sentence : Looking for the dark (or the light) that will fold one in.

Yes. Thanks.


Yes, we do very much care about those critters in your life! And all those internal things that are actually far more intriguing than external adventures.

I blog pretty openly, very much "out there", and don't really care anymore who knows what. I went through a period of everyone learning my personal business before I started blogging through being gossipped about on the grape vine, and found out who my true friends were. After that, nothing much mattered about who knew what about me anymore.

I find it freeing to not care who knows what. But that's just me.

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