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17 August 2006


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Wow - thanks for the plug. I'll have to give some serious thought to blogrolling some of these others, though I hate to knock off any of the 80 or so I'm keeping up with already.

Josh Maher

interesting list of blogs I have never read.... I'll have to go check them out now



Oooo, more reading for my morning, thanks! Our list is up if you’d like to look… have a great day!


Echidne is definitely a good read.

Here's my list.

Shadows Edge

More blogs to add to my daily reading list! I hope someday our blog will be on someone's "must read" list.


You make these 10 blogs sound like must reads. I'll be having a looksee tonight.

Thanks for sharing these.


I think you'll enjoy these; they are all on my 'daily reads' list.


Awww.... i'm always last to notice anything, but thank you so much.

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