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18 August 2006


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Bonnie in Virginia

This week's WCB #62 will be hosted by Heather at http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=16572342&postID=115587421173067737. Please sent us your Kitty Blog photo of the week if you wish. Thanks.


Well, hell. The stupid quiz returned 90% cat. Bruce is right: I'M GETTING SOFT.

I need to go kill something to get my edge back.


But ... wait ... CATS kill things!


Cute dog and cat pics!

I'm 80% cat. That explains the furballs I'm always coughing up!

Crafty Green Poet

Cats v Dogs? When is anyone going to realise its all irrelevant, bunnies rule!


Wow, the quiz said I was 70% dog, and man, that's so true. I'm a total puppy lover.


Rodents are pretty cool too, even rats are adorable.

Cat Grooming

cats v/s dogs i love dogs coz i have a cute dog and above dogs are so cute.
Cat Grooming

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