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14 September 2006


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Congrats, Sharon! Nice work!

For some reason, their new headers don't seem to be showing up in Firefox, though .... Or is it just me?


Hit refresh -- your browser is showing you a cached copy.

Francesca Gray



No, I'm not getting any images at all on the New West banners. Just blank spaces.

I suppose I should say something to someone over there ...


Hmm -- at first I thought, maybe it's Windows? But no, you have an iBook, too, don't you?

I tried with Safari, and I see the Missoula image. No problems with Firefox.


Chris Lombardi - New West

Thanks for the mention, SB! This was a fun project for me, too...well, working with the photogs was fun, finding the right images was a bear. Posting images on FLICKR has opened up doors for a lot of folks, myself included. That's how I got this job, in fact.

Francesca -- you might try clearing your browser cache. On a Mac, I believe it's alt-apple-e. If that doesn't work, I'd love to get more info from you (computer, browser, browser version) so I can iron this out.

Hi Patia!


I finally checked out the New West site due to your blog entry. Found an old friend, Pete Talbot, is one of the main writers for Missoula.

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