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04 September 2006


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they say i am an apollo which is ok by me, but how about that part where we're not supposed to get along?
66% Extroversion, 80% Intuition, 72% Emotiveness, 47% Perceptiveness
You are most like Apollo. You are charismatic, and you act as a teacher and a pedagogue in most circumstances (this teaching instinct is reflected in myth by Apollo's slaying of The Oracle's Python). You have the unique ability to take on a great deal of responsibility, but can often take on too much, even for you. You have a genuine interest in humanity.

Although typically loved by everyone, you are very likely to find yourself at odds with the Prometheus personality and The Oracle personality. They tend to see you as someone of great talent, but they feel that you're wasting that talent whenever you exercise your people-pleasing side, and they'll interpret your flexibility as being lacking in opinions. In reality, you have your opinions, and you can state them clearly as long as you don't regard them as being too personal -- it's just that you tend to put the needs of others ahead of your own opinions.

At your worst, you can be manipulative and very hurt by criticism (which The Oracle and Prometheus will be only too happy to dole out to you). Atlas probably doesn't like you either, but he'll keep it to himself.

Famous people like you: Abraham Lincoln, Gene Hackman, Dennis Hopper, Mikhail Gorbachev
Stay clear of: The Oracle, Prometheus, Dionysus, Captain Kirk
Similar Personalities: Aphrodite, Pan, Odysseus


Well. Clearly, whoever prepared this quiz is not an Oracle, as they made several errors. You do not waste your talent (of which there is, indeed, a great deal) and, as you know, I can be coerced into taking leadership.

And we get along quite well, I'd say. Probably due to your Apolloian flexibility.

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