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20 October 2006


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Julie Carter

I can't decide which I like more, the cat icon, or the one with the cow rug!

Mary Scriver

The automatic email newsletter from Powells.com bookstore in Portland has an on-going story about Fup the cat and her cohorts. This last time there was some stuff about a tuxedo cat and I went back to try to get it, but failed. I think the cats were playing poker. It's worth subscribing just for that part.

The event for the day in our yard was that Squibbie the Tortie was crouched in the kitchen window as usual, having stolen Crackers' spot on a big piece of folded-up fleece, when a dog-sized squarish green monster came around the corner of the back shop. It wiggled, it jiggled, it danced on one corner, it shone and had strange writing on it, upside down. Squibbie got ready to run.

The creature sat right where Squibbie likes to sit on the apron of the shop, a good place to take a sighting down the alley. Then it rose, jumped in the air, and twirled around the corner of the shop, coming to rest by the Cat Hole, the place where the apron is rotted out enough for cats to go under the shop. A place where feral mamas go to have their kittens. A perfect place to hide when the world turns mean -- but not with the big squarish green monster squatting beside it!

Squibbie resolved to be vigilant. For the next three hours she watched every wiggle, every jiggle, every bulge and collapse, but the thing never left the Cat Hole. Late in the afternoon she could not stand the suspense any longer and went out to do battle... or something. A strategic advance from lawn chair to brush pile to row of bathtubs (where the tomatoes refused to grow all summer) to garden cart... and YIKES! A sudden gust of wind and the thing jumped in the air and came after her.

But she was up to it, rising on her hind legs, running on her hind legs like a Komodo Dragon, both front legs spread wide with claws out, she attacked!! And the thing collapsed.

She kicked dirt on it and walked off scornfully, only checking over her shoulder to see if it would come back to life. But it had given up.

Prairie Mary


Thanks for these.... especially for Gus who is an inspiration to anyone who has tried this posture. :-)

Mary Scriver

Have you seen www.stuffonmycat.com? Pretty amazing! It's exactly what it says.

Prairie Mary


Here's a link to the latest Powell's about Fup the cat:

First line teaser:
"Three cats walk into a bar," Bagheera begins, "a Siamese, a tabby, and a tuxedo."

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