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20 October 2006


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Mary Scriver

Sometimes I think that everyone should have to serve as a social worker/emergency responder/moral intervener/cop for a year. Just to see what goes on and have a try at making a difference.

But there really is no escape. There are places where bad stuff is closer to the surface, usually because the people involved have less power to suppress an accounting.

Certainly the academic world, the religious world, the art world, the literary world, the civil service world -- all are different versions of the same political forces.

Blogging may be one of the countervailing forces, but I expect us to lose our freedom soon, all in the name of security.

Prairie Mary


Right, Right and Right. As in correct :) You comments about the problems with society are totally correct, amazed there are not more comments!


Righteous rant. The story about the "Lord's name in vain" guy is certainly strong anecdotal evidence for the propostion that patriarchal religious constructions are abuser fantasies writ large. Translation: this guy is really on God's dick.


This is a very cogent review of a fundamental dissonance in our society today.

David Gans

Great rant, Sharon. I've been raving about America's personality disorder for years, and it seems to be boiling over everywhere these days. This Ted Haggard guy is the poster boy for fundy hypocrisy and should remain so until reasonable policies can be reinstated, if ever.

Gail Williams

America as an addict and abuser. Sadly it explains a lot. This is such a good rant.

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