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04 October 2006


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Yes. Around 20 years since my brother died too. Sometimes it feels like yesterday. Stange to watch myself aging and remember him still as 18 and feel the same way inside.


Such a sad poem... but so beautifully done.


I love the calm pace and tone, and the imagery is whimsical if not picturesque. Profoundly melancholic. Just beautiful (if mourning can be that).. I can't imagine losing a brother, but I can almost feel your loss. Thanks for this!


Twenty years before the Fall?

I like it.

Juliet Wilson

This is such a sad poem. I love the way you've woven so many things together into the one overwhelming loss and that lovely last line.


I really like this/ neighborhood whispers // with gossip of autumn. The sibilance of it puts me in mind of autumn leaves underfoot.

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