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11 October 2006


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Oo! This is one of your best, SB. Very strong images and ideas.

Catherine Fitchett

This is wonderful, I love "dreams follow me with their yellow eyes" and of course the opening lines - is that true?


I loved it, very powerful thoughts..does absence cast a shadow, put on the heat though the maples are burning...nice,thanks..M

Nic Sebastian

This is very nice, strongly visual, lots to like. Favorite parts -- leaves not falling but being pushed; the following dreams with yellow eyes and turning the heat up on the burning maples. Keep them coming! - Nic


Dave, thank you! You know I value your responses.

Catherine, yes, it's really true. Amazing, isn't it?

madd & Nic, thanks for your comments -- it's so nice to be encouraged.


Wow! I really like this. It starts out strong and keeps it up all the way to the end.


A very strong poem - from the very first line. Interesting, and the ending does not disappoint.


Mmmmmm. I love this one. My favorite parts are the questions you pose and the ending.

Crafty Green Poet

Lovely poem, beuatifully written right from the first question to the final beautiful line.

my backyard

great first line!


Nice fresh questions.

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