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18 October 2006


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Feeling almost EXACTLY that way right now. Is it the weather?


I don't know. The news, maybe?

In any case, sometimes all you can do is go with the resistance...


I love this!


This was great..lol I can't count the number of times I have felt exactly like this..thanks for sharing your day..it's nice to know that we all have them from time to time or even a lot..:)..m


fun and familiar, I must say

R's Musings

You definitely captured that feeling of resistance and avoidance in very few words. Very nice!


I'm glad that you went ahead anyway & wrote it. This is delightful. (Did you get any of the other things done?)


I wish I didn't feel this way so often! How well you've expressed it - wonderful simplicity.


I love this poem. It's perfect for pretty much every day. Thanks for sharing.


Can't be the weather. I feel that way and it's gorgeous outside here.

I have an interview today I don't want to go to. Why do people want me to work? Stupid people.


I've had a lot of "I don't want to's" today, too!

Mary Scriver

I took down my bedroom curtains to see the yellow leaves.
Then it snowed.
Baby, it's cold outside.

I don't want to get up.
I don't want to feed the cats.
I don't want to trek to the bathroom barefoot.

The cats walk up and down me. (Barefoot.)
They cry in my ears.
"We're starving."
(They weigh far too much and have dry food.)

I can resist them.
But not my bladder.
"I'm UP!"
Wasn't that an advertisement for cat food?

I go back to bed.
The cats, now full, join me.
Tomorrow the curtains go back up.


you really did inspire lots of comments with this one, SB. I avoided the prompt by be contrary ... didn't write a thing of my own, at least not poetry. instead I catered to the visual imp inside me for this weeks PT prompt. I avoided my own damn poetry.

I like your poem's simplicity and rhythm -- I read it aloud -- sounds like someone being stubborn and blue.


Hi SB,
Its an extraordinary poem about ordinary things in life!
well done!

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