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28 November 2006


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That was great! You should *always* blog your dreams.

Mary Scriver

Do you know George MacDonald's stories? Quite along these lines.

I read today that -- just like the cosmos -- brains have "dark matter" that is busy all the time though no one knows what it does. It doesn't show up in the MRI studies that light up areas that are interacting with the real world, but it uses up most of the energy in the cells of the brain. I think Dark Matter must be making stories like these.

Prairie May


Oh! I thought of George MacDonald, too! The Golden Key was a favorite of mine as a child.

This was wonderful.


I absolutely agree with Dave. This is wonderful. And dark brain matter and dreams - what a great thought.

Billy The Blogging Poet

Sherry said, "Yes, I do realize that posting dreams is against all reasonable rules..."

Why, you're a writer, you spend your waking moments being creative so why not create in your sleep? Most of what I write starts in my dreams.

Besides, that was a great dream.


Oh, dark matter in the brain -- I like that!

It was a marvelous dream.

And it's Sharon, or SB, -- but not "Sherry".

Isn't that a drink?


And "Orlando", and Natalie Babbit. This deserves an illustrator and a printing.

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