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23 November 2006


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Mary Scriver

Sometimes the ones that don't "fly" tell a person more than the ones that do. What I always worry about -- and this is not a reference to this poem -- is that my subconscious will show through! It's an old croc (or "ol' crock") that is often pretty resentful or jealous or mocking. To say nothing of Freudian.

Prairie Mary


I thought the poem was about letting love grow slowly instead of rushing it.Causing regret later on.

Happy Thankgiving too!


I liked the pictorial poem.

Poet with a Day Job

I love this - the whole thing: I take this whole exchange as one big fat poem that makes me completely love it, from "i wish I could hold" right through to the last bullet point "the poet is confused." It's fabulous. I dare you to take another look and consider it from that angle...nice!

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