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25 November 2006


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Good for you!

Recognition is always welcome,

And, I can't think of anyone else who diserves it more!

Mary Scriver

Terrific! Who cares what or why? Here it is, a fait accompli, like a cake ready to eat, a child ready to raise, a garden ready to weed... a pancake ready to... Oh, well, what a marathon and now who knows what will come of it? You won! You know how to do it. It is something you CAN do! Let it compost a while -- then maybe Lulu.com? Maybe Hollywood?

Prairie Mary


Congratulations Sharon!


I am envious all the same. I ended up only doing the NaBloPoMo. All I can say is the blog co-operated and the book just slammed shut on me three different times. oh well ... there's always next year :-D

Congrats ... I did I mention I'm green with envy?

have fun,

Gail Williams


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