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19 November 2006


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Great setup there. I think you should sample your blood sugar levels and word output and graph the two throughout the experiment to see if lollipops in fact increase your words per minute output. I bet they do. :)


No lollipops for this diabetes 2 kid.

But I do get into coffee or tea. Need something to hand when it's time to sit back and ponder.

I find that in both movies and novels I can go "in and out" of watching. Esp with the Mystery Theatre crime stuff, often shocking, I need two times through at least -- once for the story and once again for the structure. Most of them are so carefully structured that it's a satisfaction in itself, but a few are so loose that one critic said it was "like American scripts!" (Second season of "Touching Evil," if you're into all that.)

Prairie Mary


I tried getting into the NaNoWriMo spirit. But it didn't happen. Much like everything else - I don't deliver when I am supposed to.

Sigh. But you write love - you write. :)

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