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19 December 2006


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Shocking, isn't it?

Most folks won't realize, you know, that this is a seriously confessional post.


#5 - me too! Nits in cakes are a particular abomination, even my mother's wonderful fruit cake is ignored if it has a nut topping.

Thank you for the tag, am desperately trying to think of 5 (a whole 5??) interesting things to share ;-)


I responded to your "meme tag", by the way. I'm just senile and forgot to tell you.

The merriest of merries to you, Sb. Always.

Ryan Schultz (Quiplash)

Wow. What a grreat list. I love the picture of the bears :-)

How did you get over your writer's block? I mean, obviously you did.


Ok I did it finally. I found my list in the star war story.

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