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31 December 2006


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Good morning. My name is Sarah and my three cats, Misty, Callie and Max, have graciously allowed me to stop petting them long enough to use the computer. Dog is just happy that I am sitting still long enough to settle down at my feet.

I was grazing along, looking at one blog or another, when I came across yours. I don't have cat pictures to post (I'm technologically handicapped) but I see that we share many interests. I would like to read your blog, post comments--but I don't have any cat photos to share. Sorry.

Best wishes for the new year. I'll be back (unless you require posting of cat photos).

Sarah (a.k.a. rhubarb)


Welcome -- and neither technolocial savvy nor cat photos are required - though a sense of humor might be. On occassion.

K T Cat

Thanks for hosting the Carnival this week! Great job.


Good show. I've posted a link over at my site, but Haloscan's trackback function seems to be especially cranky today.

Happy New Year right back atcha!

Canon G12

I like the cat pic, very funny :D

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