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31 December 2006


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chocolate is a great substitute for everything! even nicotine!

happy new year! my next post will be from missoula, i'm on my way home tonight.


Yeah, I think that happened to me too, but it passes, along with the twitchy behavior and tendancy to fear any activity which reminds one of a cigarette.

Mary Scriver

We three resolved not to make any resolutions last year, but then resolutions were thrust upon me when I was diagnosed with diabetes 2. There went the theory that chocolate was safer than nicotine.

The radio says that nicotine is safer than cigarettes if you "chew." The high school girls of Bozeman, lovely slim scrubbed brainy creatures, went in for plain old Copenhagen when pulling all-nighters (I don't know where they spat at the library), but the radio advises little "tea bags" of Finnish snoose. Sure, you'll get cancer of the gum, lip, esophagus, etc. but at least the guy sitting next to you won't.

Every time I see these critter photos I resolve to get a digital camera as soon as I have money! Maybe I should resolve to have money.

Prairie Mary


This one's going out to all of you well-intentioned criters:

A Future 2B Hold (Celebrate '07 mix)
words and music by Dr. BLT ©2006



I love that you did resolutions for the animals. :) Asn by power of intention, some progress even.

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