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27 July 2007


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I'm glad they've got a home.


Poor critters! Are they hurt? Or covered in food?

Frances Sbrocchi

How could one not love them? I am so glad you are kind. Fran


Hi SB, I remembered your kittens, the one from the barn and double-checked. It's in the Carnival under Feline Foto Ops but I guess it can be overlooked. Is Sue you or your cousin? Because I was going to add a line there that the pix are courtesy of Cousin Sue?


sorry, i'm a bit fuzzy these days

yes, the photos -- and the kittens -- belong to cousin sue!

Cousin Sue

The kittens aren't hurt. They might have had a little fever for a while when they first started out eating on their own. They did get food all over as they thought they should just crawl in and tackle it. (milk and canned food both) They are in the barn now and running all over, climbing things and batting things around.


OMG, those are speechlessly cute!

you could submit those to cuteoverload.com

those dottering about age of a litter of barn kittens. I remember that well!


thanks to those who care for animals! specially those cats!! i love cats.... <3

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