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15 August 2007


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It's coming up in IE for me. But very slowly.

Haven't heard from you in a while. Is everything OK?


It's fine now on mozilla and IE for me. So stop messing before you crash your site. ;-)


Too late; I messed with it.

But it didn't crash.

And I'm happier. I guess I got attached to the two-column layout -- the three-columns just didn't feel right to me.


Why not just switch to Wordpress or Textpattern, for crying out loud?


Umm... would that fix my blogging OCD-ness?

Seriously, though -- why?


You can do a lot more with Wordpress in terms of bells and whistles; their code is open-source rather than proprietary, and supported by large community forums; many of the available themes tend to be more attractive than anything Six Apart can offer; they tend to have superior SEO; they load and publish more quickly than Movable Type (or Blogger). I've used MT before, and have a lot of experience with Typepad, and I have to say that they are vastly more cumbersome to work with than Wordpress.


OK, I'm tempted -- but I don't think I can use my own domain with Wordpress?

I'll check it out.

However, and, TypePad folks have great to me -- very helpful, very patient. I feel a certain loyalty.

Of course, I do pay them...


If you don't want the fuss and expense of self-hosting, yeah, boogie on over to wordpress.com (as opposed to wordpress.org, which is just the software). You can certainly continue to use your own domain; we are in the process of moving the qarrtsiluni.com domain there right now (from Typepad). Feed subscribers may be discombobulated, though. There aren't as many bells and whistles with WP.com as with WP.org, but still quite a few - it's roughly comparable to Typepad, I think. You would I'm sure end up paying the $15 fee for the right to modify CSS. Also, if your images are hosted here rather than at a remote photo staorage site, you'll have to move them one by one. It took me about five hours to move all the images from two years of qarrtsiluni. Otherwise the port went smoothly.


Oh, and I should add that I have used the feedback function several times when problems arose with my other WP.com blogs, and always got an emailed response in a couple of hours and/or saw the problem resolved. The WP.com team is really a great bunch of kids - almost too sincere and idealistic to be true. The forums are also fairly convivial (as opposed to the forums for WP.org, which assume everyone is an uber geek).



The new version of MT certainly sounds as if it's narrowing Wordpress's lead. But if the contest is between Typepad and WP.com, I'd still say the former isn't really worth paying money for. If they ever decided to make it free, of course, it'd be a whole 'nother ball game.


I ported Abide over to Wordpress, to play with it. The Watermark file is too big -- and I've no idea how to make an html file smaller, to cut it in half or something.

Since I don't want to mess with hardware (or software, for that matter, any more than necessary) I went to Wordpress.com -- limited templates, and I haven't played enough to see how flexible it might be.

At least I'm used to TypePad.

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