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02 August 2007


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That's certainly a very scary video, though I don't have the background to evaluate how accurate it really is.

As an ex-high-school teacher I was certainly aware of the students who resented older people, some probably for good reason, but I suspect it's really a very small minority, who probably hate most people, not just old people.

In my last year teaching I definitely felt old but had more fun with the kids then I had in years. They seemed to hate seeing me go.


Like you, Flickr is the only community that has me "sticky". Even if Facebook was better about policing their site and fairly enforcing their own terms and conditions, I can't say that I'd stay sticky to it, mostly because it's a closed system -- stuff goes in and doesn't get out.

Plus, I'm not thrilled with their claim to own the rights to anything that goes in.

For me the jury is still way out on Facebook, given that there's been no acknowledgment whatsoever that there is even a problem with hate speech on the site.


I find it hard to get too worked up about the supposed "elder hate groups" on Facebook. Going by the list in Freydblog, they essentially all seem to have a tiny number of members (about 25 seems to to be the average) and their content seems to be basically crude jokes. Remember that Facebook has 30 million members (per Wikipedia), so I don't really feel threatened by pathetically tiny handfuls of people with an unfunny sense of humor.

Of all the "pure" social networks I've joined, Facebook and LinkedIn seem to be the best. (I do spend much more time on the Well and Flickr, but don't consider them the same type of thing.) Orkut, Friendster, and Tribe do not seem to have a lot of interesting applications or things to do.


I would just ignore them. They too will become old farts and grouchy old ladies, with the younger generation complaining about them too.

Cat Curious

I share your mixed feelings about MySpace and, to some extent, about Facebook. I actually think you should check out Care2, which has become my favorite community to be part of, online at least.

It's not like the other online networks. The Care2 people are nice, and it seems like they are in their 30's and 40's. It's full of groups, causes, and other actions you can take to make a better world. They have videos and user-selected news (Care2 News Network) sort of like Digg. Make sure to check out the Daily Actions and the Click-to-Donate races. They give you easy ways to make a difference, and you get credit for it on your profile page so you can keep track of your impact. And then you can sign up for e-alerts about children's issues, women's issues, etc. I'm signed up for two of them -- Environmental Issues and Animals Issues -- and they're always sending me ways to get involved, sign petitions, write letters to the editor, etc. Lots of free electronic greeting cards, too. Anyway, you get the picture. Check out www.care2.com and give it a try, I think you'll like it. Good luck.


After much thought, I've decided to stick with Facebook -- at least for the time being. So, of course, I'd like it if more of my friends joined.

But we'll see how things go in the future. The Web changes so fast, who knows what's next?

But what will keep me at FB is having those I love there, so as long as they stay, I'm likely to as well.

& I agree, Cathy -- ageism is the bigotry karma won't forgive.

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