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05 August 2007


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Is that actually a cat ... dressed up as ... a cat? How perturbingly recursive.


But you chuckled, didn't you, Robert. Didn't you?


Shame on me. That's all I have to say.


Okay, I'll admit it: I HAVE to have it! I can't wait for the kitty humiliation. Maybe I'll put it on Max and then get dance with him! Or put it on Maddy and take her for a walk on her harness. Can't wait. Can't wait!

(Please don't think I'm joking.)


But isn't it adorable how he adjusts and manages to be a cat despite his disability ? I mean, look at that zest for life ! Look how feisty that kitty is !
In the wild he would be killed before even reaching adulthood, "death by natural causes" it would be called because truly in the wild a cat such as he cannot exist.
Us simians can care for such and I am happy someone actually chose to do so. This kitty is probably here on this mortal rock to teach us a lesson. If only we choose to recognize it.

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