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23 August 2007


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As a series these work great. I liked all three.

desert rat

I think I like this love better than the other two - although there's something to be said for being blunt and to the point, and carnival rides. I enjoyed exploring these different forms/stages of love. Will there be one that doesn't leave?


I haven't read the other two, but I am now. Thanks.


That rare combination of the witty & the erotic. Great stuff, Sharon.

Imelda Maguire

This (and the first 2 of the series) went straight into my heart. That dream is heart-breaking and familiar. Thank you.


I love the personification of Love - and the way he gets turned on his head. :)


Mmmmm..."smelling my clothes"
Perfect lilt. Evokes so much; who hasn't followed a lover's leavign like that?

split ends

Wow--this is great. For some reason I really love the idea of Love coming to you, and being wonderful, and you leaving him. I think it says something about human nature that I can't quite put into words. The images--especially in the last stanza--are great. I definitely am off to read the other two.


excellent continuation..

funny isn't it that each of us believe that our love experience is unique in all its ups and downs... and then we have the privilege of reading something like this,, and we see as if for the first time... it is all the same love,, it is just we who are different....


All are great. I love how we can follow your transition with you through such concise imagery.


This is an amazing - if sad - series, and it speaks deeply of Truth. You've used compelling images, and I'm really drawn in. Awesome.


Love gets warmer and kinder. Great series!

Holly Mac

Really lovely. There are such nice images here. I can see it because I've lived it. Great work.

Fledgling Poet

I loved all three poems...each one is like reading a chapter in a book and seeing the story progress. There are feelings here that everyone can relate to at some point.

Frances Sbrocchi

Erotic and delicate, something for all of us who love and have been loved. Fran

my backyard

Interesting personification of love


My goodness. I seem to have hit a resonant chord...

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