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30 August 2007


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Crafty Green Poet

Love is always in the kitchen! I like your description, especially the word plush.


I have liked all your love poems.


A home is where the love is, and the kitchen is where it start. Beautiful narrative!

Imelda / GreenishLady

This series is just getting more powerful and more moving as it continues. That final stanza will stay with me.


This is really interesting -- I like the contrast between drowning and the desert. Nice job!


the beat goes on.. i must admit i liked the more angry love better... but this one is nice too...


"I learn to live in the desert" - Wonderful!


What a great series. Love your site. I will most definitely return your writing is outstanding.


I drown. When I reach for the surface
I swim and swim for shore. When I leave,
I leave honestly. I take everything.

i love these lines for their brutal honesty.

Rob Kistner

I like your series of love poems. They are rich and engaging. The refrain of 'leaving' is interesting, as is love changing gender in #4. I look forward to reading more of the series, if it continues.


I'm enjoying your love series. The words are honest and clear with freedom hidden within. Very nice.


I just went back and read the first three. I love the rhythm of this conversation between two people about love. It has a lovely, rocking motion to it. Hope to see more in this series. Annie

split ends

This has been such a great series. Love this!


Wonderful and sensuous poems. Looking forward to more of this.


i just read the entire series of Loves. beautiful. like paisley, i especially like the angry Love slamming the door and the image of someone picking up broken pieces of glass. i guess i just find sorrow as equally beautiful, if not more, as the joys of Love. looking forward to reading more!


Beautiful. I love the thoroughly muted sense of danger and the way that the richness of the images is filtered through the stoicism of the narrator. Wonderful.

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