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24 August 2007


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Megan & Bad Kitty Cats

how cool... we are going to have to play with this and figure it out!


I really hope my SnotFace does NOT see the Orange Kitty Post. She WANTS AN ORANGE KITTY CAT... hehehe. So do I but we have not had any orange kitty rescues. It's weird. We have had every kitty breed almost and color but no Orange kitty cats. Purrs and Happy Kitty Blogging :)


One day an orange cat moved into our house. You know how it is, slowly slowly every day a little more and suddenly he considered himself as a family member. He was such a cute and lovable cat ! But only for humans, he wanted to be an only cat and bit and fought with the others. I had to give him to a good friend who just had lost a cat. There he is now only cat for more than 12 years !


I love this post. I may have to sign Ahri up for the Flickr group!

I've got my poor computer working again and have put up a very late, very epic WCB adventure with all the cats from last weekend's event.

Love your blog, btw. I will be back soon to poke around some more!


A beautiful kitty! Yes, orange rules!!!

Jill Warner

I have two orange kitty cats - and orange rule. I have girl and boy (Piper and Leo) - the girl is more cream-ish!


It all started by fostering an orange "crypt" kitten for the local humane society. His testicles had not yet dropped and he needed some time for them to do so before he could be neutered and put up for adoption. For 10 weeks we fostered him and waited for them to drop...and of course, fell in love. We took him back to the humane society even though they still had not appeared because it was time, with the stipulation, after his neuter we would adopt him. Well, good reason why he was crypt, instead of testicles they found ovaries and a uterus. We had ourselves a hermaphrodite! He is now fixed and technically a boy. He is the best, most loving cat I've ever had, and we've even adopted a little orange sister for him. The two are inseparable and make me smile every time I see them play, chase, hug, kiss, bop and sleep together!!!


I love orange Cats.

cat sneezing and won't stop

the color of a cat is important cause when its black is is somehow looks scary but kinda look for macho man, orange is quite nice cause its shows that he can only stay at house and not go outside and white is too clean and neat color for cat, that is my favorite color for cat.

Cat Grooming

One day an orange cat affected into our asylum. You eff how it is, easy easy every day a less statesman and dead he wise himself as a house member. He was specified a artful and loveable cat !
Cat Grooming


I love my orange kitty hes da bomb. His name is richie my boy. he s alover and cuddler. always close when i need him . Hes only 9mnths But hes like a child.
Orange kats rule!!

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