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27 August 2007


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Michael from Pro Blog Design

I like to read a mixture of both types of blogs. Reading Problogger, Copyblogger etc. teaches me how to write more useful posts, but reading Lorelle and the like reminds me to continue being a person, not an article-writer.

Have you read Liz Strauss's blog before? (http://www.successful-blog.com). It's another great blog which focuses on community and life, rather than just Adsense etc.


I thought I'd commented on this earlier, so forgive my lateness to the party. This is wonderful. I'm so glad that Edrei's guest posts on my blog touched you. I want to write more about the issue of personal blogging, and you've given me a ton of inspiration. Thank you!


Thank you, both, for your comments.

As is no doubt apparent, this is a theme close to my heart.

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