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15 August 2007


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Well, thanks, but hey, I understand the impulse very well. Muddling around with the design of the blog is a wonderful way to procrastinate from writing, and like you, I have more than one blog I can muck around with.

I too was moved by the story about the spike in suicides among soldiers yesterday.

Looking forward to your Poetry Thursday post!

John B.

I liked this. It reminded me of W.C. Williams' "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus," but sort of turned inside-out: the "big" things matter, but so also do the instructions for rewiring the lamp and the berries and cream--to rework Frost's description of poetry a bit, they are stays against the confusion of the times.
Sorry for blathering.


Please, do feel free to blather in such a complimentary way any time you like.

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