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26 August 2007


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Mary  Scriver

Feminist thought found willing tinder with me, but I was already aflame with indignation from an early age because expectations for me were based on birth order (oldest), hair color (red), abilities (it's easier for you), and so on. I never focused on "just" being female and therefore was not a good feminist, where I found that there were still unfair discriminations based on who was more powerful, beautiful, wealthy, well-connected, etc. Then being on a reservation made it clear that no matter how much I was imposed upon, these people struggled with real tragedy. Again, being an animal control officer enlightened me about the predicament of animals. And now, of course, we see the earth itself ripped off. So I consider myself a "one-ist", a mono-ist, or something like that and expect myself to work towards fairness in all dimensions. But isn't being an everything-ist just being wishy-washy and indiscriminate? Isn't it an excuse for not standing up for a group to make change? And how does one set priorities about where to put one's energies?

Prairie Mary


Thank you for this post and helping me to celebrate Women's Equality Day. I had a moment like yours with Steinam when I read Germain Greer's writing. Life changing still. Mary, I believe you can be an authentic one-ist and a radical feminist at the same time. All of the oppressions, all the hopes for liberation are linked and built upon one another. There is no hierarchy, just working together to create the just and level playing field.

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