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01 October 2007


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Dane Morgan

Actually, a good number of my favorite blogs are written by women. Lucia, Tinu and Meg are in everyday list. With the number of Women Bloggers that I am exposed to on a regular basis (and given the topics that they blog about) I would not have thought there was an issue with them not getting noticed. I see them everywhere.

Enkay Blog

Hey there! I definitely do mean well by having the list as I wish to shed light onto some of the talented female bloggers out there. I have been directed to a lot of places that show hundreds and thousands of female bloggers but the idea of this particular list is to nominate a female blogger (or more than one), who you like to read and they will be added to the list. Its basically "Readers Choice Award" so being on the list is actually quite an honor because it means that someone nominated you, and in your case, there was someone else other than yourself who nominated you! I hope this clears matters up and I am sorry for the miscommunication, I hope you see my intention. Thanks


I can't believe we're even still having this conversation.


I don't usually pay attention to the gender of bloggers, but this prompted me to count up the number of female bloggers in the "smorgasblog" folder of my feed reader, from which I cull my sideblog digest: 56 out of a total of 108, so just over half.


I, too, find that female and male bloggers are divided fairly evenly. What i enjoy most, is any blogger with personality and pizazz. Which is why i drop by here so often.

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