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13 October 2007


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Damien Riley

I am new to Watermark, but here goes: I like the poetry aspect. That is brave, different, unique.

I agree that cat-blogging is not my thing. Also, I am glad to hear someone else has an aversion to those inane quizzes that seem to be infesting a lot of good blogs.

Other than that, I like the poetry emphasis and the fact that the blog has been around since '04. The "My readers should know" link turned me off right away because I don't like anyone telling me what I "should" anything. Plus I am not an object so I don't respond to when called by a possessive pronoun.

Other than that, the Google score and your nice comments on my blog made me link you on my blogroll. Keep the poetry risks going!



"I like the poetry aspect. That is brave, different, unique."

Actually, there are tons of poetry blogs -- they even have their own name: Poblogs. Since you like my poems, you might want to explore POETRY LINKS on the sidebar.

"The "My readers should know" link turned me off right away because I don't like anyone telling me what I "should" anything. Plus I am not an object so I don't respond to when called by a possessive pronoun."

A completely unanticipated reaction -- but also an easy fix. I wonder how many other people felt that way, and never mentioned it?

& do you always check the Google rank of the pages you read? It would never occur to me...

Some folks don't like the cats; some don't like the quizzes; some don't like the poetry. Some don't like the squirrels! But I like them all, so some folks just have to skip some posts.

Ah, well.

Thanks for responding -- and, clearly, for going to read the reviews.


I read the review, I disagree with catblogging,the memes and the quizes veiws. What's wrong with a little fun now and then. It's not like you do it all the times like some teenage on LiveJournal

As cat blogging, if she read your blog, she realize those crazy animals mean a lot to you. Plus you belong to a group that every Friday share the links.

By the way, using your blog to stay connect with outside world is nothing to me. Are't we all doing that? I know that's one the reason why I blog, I don't really have friends except my blogging ones.


testing comments -- at least one is lost


I like how you took a great deal of time and pondered what Wendy said in the past and what I'd written here. I think part of blogging is not really being aware of how much you let shine through.

Part of the disadvantage of being a reviewer for the Weblog Review is I get to sit and read someone's ENTIRE blog in the course of maybe a couple of days. In doing so, I found that the catblogging and memes were a little too much. I think if I were reading over the course of a very long time, that the feeling of it being "too much" wouldn't really have hit me that hard.

But I do find you most attractive as a read when you are up close and personal, and poetic. I don't read blogs to find out "What Harry Potter Character Are You" or "What Tarot Card Are You?" but what are you thinking, feeling, consuming, experiencing today... inside and outside of your body.

I'm glad that you let your personality "leak" through onto these pages. I am glad to have met you in this way.

christine again...

oh -- and yes. I forgot to mention that I did visit "abide" but didn't really read it too carefully because it wasn't part of the scope of the review. we were assigned 'watermark' so while I "peeked" around, I don't think that I really read it deeply.

How I figured out some of my rather perceptive observations was right around the time you were getting your new computer... a lot of what I recall you going through indicated deep loneliness, isolation. without the laptop working, without that thread of connectivity out to the world, you wrote a lot about really feeling it at that time...

as i recall. but i could be wrong. regardless... it's always refreshing when i read something honest about how someone is feeling. and that's what i enjoyed about my visits here.

Mary Scriver

Oh, piffle. I don't think people understanding that you're pretty much stuck in the house and compensating fairly capably by being a blog networker is that hard to figure out or that compromising either. I like the cats and dogs and parakeets -- oh, more than LIKE. I love the poetry. I worry every time there's a silence for a few days. We have many of the same issues and I really like your style! So there!

Prairie Mary


"Oh, piffle." !

My grandmother used to say that! The ultimate 'get a little perspective' exclamation.

And you are, of course, quite right. It's been a long journey for me, though, from not even having my name anywhere on my sites; to quarantining whines & complaints to a separate weblog; to claiming my identity as a poet and a person -- with all these flaws and weaknesses.

But I'm getting there.

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