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04 October 2007


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More than the demise of PT itself, I mourn the demise (or proably the going-private) of Dana's personal blog, which had so many treasures. It would be a simple matter for someone to organize a new poetry carnival through PoetryCarnival.com, though I'm not sure that the overwhelming proportion of bad poetry really makes such an effort worthwhile. A version of Grisham's Law seems to dictate the development of such things, where bad poetry drives out the good. Still, I must admit I got to know a lot of really fine poets through PT, and benefitted from the challenge of a weekly prompt.


This is really lovely and surreal!


Dave -- yes, that weekly discipline is what mattered to me. Even when, as today, I post an old poem -- at least I'm thinking about poetry.

& Jessica, thank you. This is an old personal favorite.


"I have been here
on the shore
all night" - such beautiful opening lines.

this poem speaks like a waking dream. i love the image of flamingos and fire lizards playing together, thanks for sharing.

and yeah, i will really miss PT. *sniff*

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