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25 October 2007


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Last year, I was a 5 for about 4 months, then was a 6 for maybe 6 weeks, and then dropped back to a 4 when they forced me to switch to blogger2. And I've never recovered.

I wish I understood their algorithm. I'm not sure if it's the number of visits or the number of folks linking...

I need to update my links. I need to add about 30 folks...I've just been too lazy to type all those HTTPs, colons, and foward slashes!


I have *no idea* how the algorithm works.

But -- wait -- you're TYPING the url's?

I don't use Blogger, but surely you can copy - paste from the address bar?



well, there's that. i'm laughing so hard at myself right now that i can barely breathe.

i'll try that.

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