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15 November 2007


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I own memories similar to the pretty girl's. They have not seen the light of day. They have never counted in an examination from important person's panel, either.

I like how you wove those expereinces together, especially doing so without hysteria (it would have been very easy to make fun of UFO sightings, and you took the level road.)

That's how I see it, anyway.

And I like the parakeet, too. (I had one when younger, probabably around the time the un-aired events were happening in my life. Ironic.)


Penis in hand,
he calls a woman over
to ask directions.


...deb: I'm so glad this had meaning to you. I hesitated to post it, then thought -- I'm not alone in this.

& Dave: hahahahaha!

Took me a minute, though.

I read it to my friend Abigail, and she got it instantly. "That's brilliant!" says very British Abigail.

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