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26 November 2007


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Mage Bailey

This is marvelous. Thank you. Have you read anything by Marion B at Open Diary?

Vernon Lun

If I told you this post moved me and it was perfect, would you believe me?

You should! Smiles!

You wrote me a poem
a list of gifts
I found it a moment of joy
and I thank you, Fran Sbrocchi


Excellent as always. Love how you use a fairy tale theme for it.


That was lovely, thank you.


[Addendum added in response to a reader's question about whether the poem was mine, or the photographer's. It's mine. Also, I've revised this a bit since first posting, to strengthen the verbs.]

Mage: no, I'm not familiar with this person. Link?

Vernon, Fran, Cathy & Nenequesadilla: I'm so glad you liked this. It was one of those half-conscious gifts from the ether -- just, almost, asleep, and then that insistence that I must turn on the light & pick up the notebook --


Lovely poem. The rhythm is wonderful, especially in the final stanzas. Thank you for sharing this!


More questions than answers, but so thought provoking!


I enjoyed all of this poem, particularly the last three stanzas.


wow!! i was all set to see like "henry wadsworth longfellow" or some thing following that one... excellent

Rob Kistner

Great read, both playful and poignant.


I read earlier in the week and this is a stronger strong version.

My favorite line: "with its stiff strands of grey" and my distinct pleasure in *not* reading "silky gold".

Crafty Green Poet

I love the rhythm here and the way the questions lead the reader


**just, almost, asleep, and then that insistence that I must turn on the light & pick up the notebook *** I'm glad you did. This is a lovely poem.

Linda Jacobs

I love the look of this poem. It's like a stairway leading down into the heart of you!

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